when it's time to do something about accessibility in your home or where a life changing incident has taken place with you or a loved one, we are here to take over the process for you. Let us do the work and help you get back to a life where you feel comfortable in your own home again.  

Whole Home, Whole Life Approach to Accessible Living

With every family that we meet, there is usually a story.  Our service begins with YOUR story. Who you are and how you spend your day are the cornerstone questions that allow Action Medical to deliver a "whole home, whole life" plan for your accessibility solution. 

Whole home means we can address each area of your home and recommend a professional accessibility solution that will allow you the freedom and independence to enjoy every level of your home.  Whole life means we can adapt your home to fit the needs you have today and for a lifetime, as well as meet the demands of your unique life story. 

installation & repair services

We install all the products that we sell. We also service most makes and models of home medical equipment.  You also have assurance in knowing that your installer/repair person is knowledgeable and trained to provide you with a safe environment within your home for years to come.


Rental & Financing Programs

Action Medical is here when you need us, even if that need is only temporary. Renting a wheelchair ramp, a straight stair lift or a portable patient lift is an option that may best suit your accessibility need. A rental is recommended when the desired access is only required for a short duration, such as having a guest in your home, or a loved one with a temporary injury, or assistance in accessing parts of your home.

​​Our professional local team member will meet with you to determine the best solution/s for your needs. Call us today to get a FREE needs assessment.

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